In today’s World, the need for educated individuals with the experience of actually doing the sports and knowing the sports’s problems is obvious. The individuals with the education of of sports management will be able to serve as;

1-Teachers or specialists in the central or suburban divisions of The Ministry of Youth and Sports
2- managers in the central or suburban divisions of The Government occupations
3- manager for amateur or Professional sports clubs.
4- group activities leaders of recreation, leisure organization and touristic activities for the touristic businesses or motels.
5- as consultants in private sports foundations and organizations to execute the ‘healthy living’ concept of social life.
6- directors of sports organzations and applications for private or public companies employing more than 500 workers.
7- the law with the date 1/15/96 and number 55-1114 with the rule number 2457 changed with 2880 of the rule 43b states that our graduates will be called ‘sports managers’. Our university’s Department of sports management was founded during the 1997/1998 year.

Head of department: Associate Professor Selhan OZBEY
Department of Sports Management
Associate Professor Selhan OZBEY
Assistant Professor Zeynep ONAGAssistant Professor Yavuz YILDIZ
Lecturer Haydar KAYNAK

Assistant Professor Kadir YILDIZ

Lecturer Gulay GEZER

Lecturer Ayhan ISIKLecturer Gurkan ER
Assistant Firat CETINOZ
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