Recreation Department has started accepting students in 2012 and accepts 20 female and 20 male students.
Recreation Department’s aim is to educate individuals that will be the human resources to take the role in directing and improving of physical execise and sport centered recreational activities and will provide this service to various levels of the society.
Recreation Departments a four year major with continiously improving scientific and application disciplines.  Our graduate will be called a ‘specialist’ of the specific branch of his/her choosing (ex: nature and adventure specialist or recreation and fitness directing specialist).  The practicing classes of the senior students are our biggest priority in order to provide them with the sertificate of their choosing.
Recreation Department Graduates can be positioned in:

  • Tourism
  • Water sports recreation activities
  • Land sports recreation activities
  • Air sports recreation activities (paragliding etc)
  • Socio-cultural recreational activities (folk dances, exhibitions, festivals..etc)
  • Recreational activities of Health tourism
  • Child recreation activities
  • İndustral positions
  • Local and public positions
  • Ministry of sports positions (out camps) and University occupations.

In this perspective, the graduates of recreation program is expected to:

  • provide the needs that can fill the recreation and leisure requirements of people in the ever-changing society
  • decide, plan, execute and conclude the organizations that will create opportunities for the people to actively participate in organized manner.
  • asist the public health by providing physical recreation opportunities for the public of various individual and social differences
  • achieving knowledge and skills about alternative activity fields in order to lead in recreational torurism

Interpret results from field studies, question and analyze scientific situations, and comprehend the social sciences research methodology of sports science


Head of department: Associate Professor  H. Alper GÜNGÖRMÜŞ
Department of Recreation

Associate Professor H. Alper GÜNGÖRMÜŞ

Associate Professor Pınar GUZEL

Assistant Professor S. Cem DINC

Assistant Professor Recep CENGİZ


Research Assistant Tolga BESIKCI

Research Assistant İlker BALIKCI

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